Day 1 ALCoB 2023 ICT Volunteer (AIV) Workshop

ALCoB ICT Volunteers (AIV) is one of the activities of an official APEC project which was endorsed in 2001 under the name of APEC Learning Community for Shared Prosperity (ALCom). The AIV is contributing to narrowing the digital divide in the APEC region by sharing Korea's experience and knowledge on ICT and -Learning education. It also seeks to enhance cultural literacy through cultural exchange sessions during the workshop.

Korean Ministry of Education (KMOB) and the Institute of APEC Collaborative Education (IACE) dispatch a group of Korean volunteer teachers to 3-6 APEC respective economies annually, with kind support and cooperation with partner economies such as Thailand, Indonesia, China, the Philippines, Mexico, Vietnam, Russia (Sakha Republic), Malaysia, Peru, Papua New Guinea.

The main activities comprise the education system and policy consultation, lectures on ICT model classes, and special education training courses for local teachers, principals, and administrators. Since its beginning in 2001, about 700 volunteers have been dispatched to 10 different APEC member economies, bringing 17,300 participants for future cooperative education. In addition, despite the outbreak of COVID-19, the AIV has continuously proceeded online using ICT tools; over 430 teachers participated in the project during 2020-2022.

In year 2023, the workshop is carry out face-to-face at Awantec, Cyberjaya Selangor from 14-16 August 2023. I am glad that can be one of the participant. For the day 1 workshop, I had gone through session 1 : Blended Learning for smart class by Mr Ahn Bongsun. He taught us to write our name using korean alphabet. Besides that, he shared on how to use interactive and collaboration tools in the classroom. In the Session 2: Unplugged Education to Cultivate Computational Thinking was presented by Ms Kim Jiyoo. She explained four skills of computational thinking which is decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithm design. We did some hands on activities througout the workshop and its help us understand better on how to conduct unplugged education for students.

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